To enhance the application of wood truss systems through professionalism, quality products, and skilled personnel.


  • Associate those engaged in the manufacture of prefabricated wooden trusses for the purposes of mutual advantage and co-operation.
  • Serve the needs of manufacturers of prefabricated wooden trusses by representation on various committees of recognized organizations dealing with building codes and standards.
  • Develop and establish uniform standards for the design, manufacture and quality control of prefabricated wooden trusses.
  • Foster the acceptance of prefabricated wooden trusses for use in residential, commercial, industrial and other buildings by architects, engineers, governmental agencies and the general public.
  • Represent the members of the Society and promote the interest of prefabricated wooden truss manufacturers in representations to all levels of government.
  • Do all other things to foster and develop the prefabricated wooden truss manufacturing industry consistent with the mutual interests of the members of the Society.