WWTABC membership obligations are:

    • To comply with the Building Code of British Columbia, including local building bylaws and regulations as a minimum standard of construction and to work towards improvement of standards in the interests of building integrity and safety.
    • To comply with the by-laws, rules, regulations, and programs of the WWTABC and work towards the attaining of the goals and objectives of the Association.
    • Promote the effectiveness of the WWTABC by interchanging information and experience and encourage research of materials and techniques in order to provide better trusses at a reasonable cost.
    • Deal fairly and honestly with employees, customers, sub-contractors, and suppliers.
    • To comply with the rules and regulations of the Workers Compensation Board and the WWTABC Occupational Heath and Safety Program in providing a safe and healthy working environment.
    • Avoid all conduct or practice likely to discredit or injure the wood truss industry.
    • Hold the WWTABC, its officers and members, harmless with respect to any actions in the enforcement of these standards including probation, suspension, or termination, which may be imposed upon a member.